Laboratoire Dr. Renaud

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A cleansing milk that gently removes make-up and dislodges impurities, leaving the skin perfectly soft and clean. 225 ml. A delicate grapefruit-scented milk. Its high tolerance formula is enriched by Purisoft, Tasmanian pepper, and fucose (Fucogel 1000®) based polysaccharides. It is suited to normal, dehydrated, weakened, alipidic or sensitive skin types. It purifies the skin while facilitating the elimination of all microparticles coming from the environment that obstruct pores and asphyxiate the skin.
Hydrating and soothing toning lotion that improves the absorption of serums and creams. 225 ml. This hydrating, soothing and energizing lotion helps maintain an appropriate pH level, which prevents undesirable sensations such as stretching and discomfort. Its gentle, high-tolerance formula is delicately scented, and contains no alcohol. HydraCalm Lotion is recommended for normal, dehydrated, weakened, alipidic, and sensitive skin types.
Protective cream against exposure to wind, cold and other outdoor activities. 50 ml. Fragrance-free outdoor protective day cream with a rich and creamy texture. Ideal for outdoor activities.
Gently cleanses and helps control acne. Non-drying formulation that can also be used for body acne in the shower. 200 ml. Epidermal cleanser formulated from extremely gentle foaming agents without aggressive surfactants (soap, sulfate), fat or artificial fragrances.
A day cream that restores elasticity and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. 50 ml. Like a facelift without the surgery! A true dermis "rescue" treatment, this day treatment targets mature, demanding skin. For all skin types, including the most sensitive, except for oily or acne-prone skin.
24hrs cream designed to offset the effects of hormonal imbalances. Formulated with ECOBIOTYS, Gold Medal for Best Ingredient at In-Cosmetics Global Award 2018. 50 ml. Triple-Lipid Regenerating Treatment includes a precise ratio of the skin’s three essential lipids (ceramids, cholesterol and fatty acids). The extra cholesterol helps instantly restore the moisture barrier in mature skin. The formula also contains a key ingredient inspired by the regulating power of flower nectar that helps restore the balance of microbiota in mature skin. Niacinamide helps restore proper lipid levels while deeply nourishing the skin to attenuate the visible signs of premature aging. Non-greasy formula, excellent choice for post chemical peels and retinol treatments.
High-performance night cream that quickly revitalize the aging of skin. 30 ml. The Poly-Pore technology used in this formula gradually releases retinol into the skin, ensuring optimal effectiveness without irritation.