Hollywood Spectra Peel

The Spectra Carbon Laser Peel is a revolutionary skin rejuvenation treatment that is safe and gentle for most skin types and produces results with little to no downtime. The Spectra Peel evens skin tone, reduces pigmentation, diminishes enlarged pores, reduces acne, improves textural irregularities and stimulates collagen production. The Spectra Laser treatment is also FDA approved to treat Melasma.*

Also known as the “Hollywood Peel” or “Hollywood Facial” due to the popularity amongst celebrities as a go-to treatment before events, the innovative Spectra Peel takes the carbon assisted laser protocol to a new level. Engineered for optimal performance, the Spectra’s uniform top hat beam profile and power options ensure that the energy is delivered efficiently to maximize effect while minimizing damage to surrounding tissue. The Spectra Mode quasi-long pulse used in the Spectra Peel is unique to the Spectra laser. The Spectra Mode provides additional photothermal stimulation of the epidermis and dermis by first gently heating the skin. The use of a carbon lotion photoenhancer in combination with Spectra Mode allows the laser to deliver the benefits of much more aggressive procedures without the discomfort and downtime associated with those procedures.

• Reduces the appearance of pigmentation, fine lines, and textural irregularities
• Improves overall skin tone
• Gold standard treatment to shrink enlarged pores
• Unclogging of pores
• Reduces stubborn acne and diminishes excess oil production
• Refreshes a dull complexion creating a fresh youthful-looking glow
• Smoother feeling skin
• Temporarily removes some facial vellus hairs
• Stimulates collagen production
• Safe for most skin types
• Customizable treatment for Melasma
• Can be used in combination with other treatments
• Little to no downtime*

The multistep carbon-assisted rejuvenation process begins with the application of a thin layer of carbon-based Spectra lotion. The lotion is left on for several minutes to facilitate penetration into pores. Next, a full pass of the face with the laser is completed in Spectra Mode (quasi-long pulse mode) reaching deep into the dermis, photobiostimulating skin cell regeneration and reducing inflammation.

Subsequent passes are then completed in Q-switched mode. In this mode, the energy from the laser removes the Spectra lotion via photomechanical destruction and lightly ablates the old surface layer skin away; removing as much as 20 microns from the epidermis. The laser energy also targets and breaks up pigment, which is then carried away by the body, while simultaneously heating the dermis causing the skin to contract and stimulate the production of collagen.*

Photomechanical destruction (explosion) of fine carbon particles within pores stimulates remodeling of the inside of pores, resulting in pore size reduction and the unclogging of pores. Dramatic reduction in pore size and improvement in skin texture is possible.*

The stimulation of dermal skin cells associated with skin rejuvenation results in controlled collagen regeneration and remodeling associated with improved skin tone, texture and acne, scar and wrinkle reduction without significant downtime or side effects.*

Most patients find the procedure comfortable. Results may be visible after the first treatment, however, a series of 3-6 or more treatments is usually recommended depending on the condition/s being treated.*
Series packages are available.

The Spectra Peel is a highly effective option for stubborn acne. The treatment targets existing acne and help to prevent future breakouts by reducing and controlling sebum (oil) production and diminishing the bacteria that causes acne. Other benefits for acne patients include: a reduction in redness from inflamed acne, shrinking of enlarged pores, improvement in skin tone and texture and overall rejuvenation.*

Melasma is a common skin problem that is also known as ‘chloasma’. It causes brown patches on the face; most commonly appearing on the cheeks, bridge of the nose, forehead, chin and above the upper lip. It can also appear on other parts of the body that get lots of sun. Melasma is caused by excessive melanin, the natural substance in cells that gives colour to skin, hair, and eyes. Hormone changes, along with sun exposure are thought to be the most common triggers for melasma. Although melasma may affect both men and women, the majority of those affected are women. Individuals of Latin or Asian ethnicity are also more likely to get melasma.

The Spectra laser was cleared in 2012 for the treatment of melasma and has shown to be very effective in reducing the appearance of melasma and curb the production of melanin in the treatment area. Laser toning is the application of specialized laser energy to reduce visible skin pigmentation. Spectra Laser Toning not only improves the appearance of melasma but also the texture and unevenness of the skin. The laser energy gently targets the melanin in the cells, breaking it up for your body’s natural removal processes and also slows the production of melanin. Because the treatment is gentle, multiple passes are needed in order to target deep into the tissue.*

Treating melasma is a gradual process that requires multiple sessions to produce effective, long-lasting results. The number of sessions required depends on the severity of your melasma. The typical melasma protocol starts with a series of 10 treatments spaced 7-10 days apart. Package pricing is available for this series. *

There is minimal to no downtime and you may return to your daily activities immediately after treatment. Individuals receiving treatment should always wear sunblock if going into the sun and avoid sun exposure which can retrigger pigmentation.*

There is currently no cure for melasma. However, the results with the Spectra Melasma treatments are long-lasting; the better you take care of your skin after your treatment regimen, the longer your results will last. Sun exposure can trigger new pigmentation.*

*Results may vary.


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